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The Foot Science International Academy conduct regular face-to-face training programmes around the world, conducted by approved instructors using the latest training materials and tools


Entering the FootZone

The Foot Science International Academy has hand-selected the best trainers, from around the globe, to conduct our Entering the FootZone courses.

These courses are conducted on a regular basis around the world. Upcoming courses are listed below with details on how to register.

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16-17 August 

Presented by Yousef Al Bukhari. This training course is designed to provide up-to-date, evidence-based, education pathways in biomechanical theory, clinical reasoning, and assessment of common leg and foot conditions, development of current foot biomechanical models, biomechanical pain and foot orthoses as a treatment modality.

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New Zealand:

14 and 15 October

A one-day course designed specifically for physiotherapists wanting to learn more about lower limb conditions and treatment. The day will consist of theoretical biomechanical and neurological principles and supporting research, patient assessment, fitting orthoses and basic modification.

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